Life Skills

Life Skills

Jamma International's vision is the wellbeing of the planet and its people, and we feel passionate about supporting projects that will empower people to improve their wellbeing.

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Agneta Johansson, the Director of Wellbeing at Jamma International, has a vision to design and deliver Life Skills programmes to build capacity and resilience in both organisations and individuals.

Our initial project is 'The Brain, How it Creates our Reality and Our Behaviour', exploring how we become more resilient in every day life.

We know how to take care of our body but we know very little about how our brain works.  If you understand how the brain works, you have the ability to change your behaviour.

The first project in Life Skills being developed will focus on the brain, how it creates our reality and affects our behaviour. Not in a detailed scientific way, but in a way that can help us understand how little the brain has changed since cave men and how this can cause a lot of suffering in today's world. 

Our project will be a new approach to mental health. This knowledge about brain function and some basic skills on managing our tricky brain will be a foundation to manage our life in a more constructive day-to-day way.

It is in the brain that our lives are played out and where all our perception from the world is coming from. It is therefore very important to understand how the brain works, what is causing our mental struggle and how to take control.


We believe that when we understand how the brain influences our behaviour and why we sometimes feel the way we do, we can begin to take control and manage our emotions  to improve our thoughts and feelings. 

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Jamma has identified partners to develop this Life Skills training with, partners who have the same values as Jamma and a passion to deliver this knowledge to the widest possible audience to make the biggest impact.

Mental Health Innovations (MHI) is a charity that uses digital innovation, data-driven analysis and the experience of clinical experts to improve the mental health of the UK population through the provision of digital tools, support and resources.

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Training For Life is a not-for-profit training company focusing on courses in mental health. All the profits are donated to the charity Student Life. Student Life, a registered charity, supports young people’s mental health across the South East of England.

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Training for Life with Student Life have created a bespoke training package about Mental Health and Wellbeing, to be delivered as part of the RSHE curriculum for students in years 10 and 11.  The course consists of six sessions. The first four sessions cover mental health: what mental health is, the mental health continuum, depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders and the support we can get around these. Session five is a Coronavirus awareness session about remaining safe and responsible even as restrictions in the UK ease. Our final session will be a session about brain functioning, which has been developed using Jamma's Life Skills manual. The aim of this session is to increase understanding of brain processing, including the threat response, and explore how this understanding can be used to improve an individuals wellbeing.

Jamma chose to partner with Training for Life and Student Life as they share our vision to work in partnership with their audience.  The Life Skills programme will be designed and develop with the young people who will receive the training, they will ensure that the knowledge and skills are presented in a way that uses language and examples that are relevant to their age group.

This training will be piloted in August 2021 and deliver the full training in schools from September 2021. 

We share the vision to make the Life Skills programmes available to the widest possible audience, and following the delivery of the project in schools, we will work with Training for Life to develop this Life Skills programme into a training package for children, young people in other age groups and adults. 

Jamma has been working together with Ten for Zen’s founders to develop a programme plan of new resources to provide free, easy-to-access information to help people across the UK live a more mindful life. Jamma’s mission is to develop a Life Skills programme and to ensure that these skills can be part of anyone’s daily self-care, building resilience and improving mental health and wellbeing.

In partnership with Ten for Zen we have built a plan to deliver an extensive array of tools to enable anyone, anywhere to experience the positive benefits of understanding how your mind works.

Ten for Zen

In Sub-Saharan Africa, conservation is morally contested. This project explores some of the most important and contentious issues around conservation and sustainable use that are affecting people in Sub-Saharan Africa, where there appear to be major rifts between local and external moral worldviews. Jamma International is supporting this project in collaboration with the University of Oxford, Cornell University, and WWF Germany. The focus of this project is primarily on conservation areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

Morally Contested Conservation


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