At Jamma, we believe in creating knowledge and capacity in people to enhance the common good. We strive to connect individuals, communities and organisations to work together.

Meet our team.


Craig Bruce

Director, Conservation and Communities

Craig was born in Zimbabwe and spent most of his formative years sitting in the back of his uncle’s Toyota Landcruiser, always on some sort of a quest after wildlife. This led to a firmly entrenched passion for biodiversity conservation, which resulted in over 20 years of experience as a protected area manager in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. All of the conservation areas Craig was tasked with managing had people living in or around them and it was here that an interest and understanding of the power of community based natural resource management developed.

The expertise gained in Africa was put to good use as a technical advisor and later programme manager with WWF in Asia. Craig served as an advisor for WWF offices across Asia involved in the management and protection of conservation areas that held tiger. Fundamental to this role was the responsibility of promoting the interests of and engaging impacted and affected local communities in management of their natural resources. After almost a decade in Asia, Craig was asked to head up the Asia Conservation Programme for the Zoological Society of London.

Craig is currently the Director for Conservation and Communities for Jamma International where he uses the many years of expertise gained in Africa and Asia to make Jamma’s vision a reality. A key pillar of this vision is the promotion of community based natural resource management in Africa that will insure a sustainable future and improved wellbeing of our planet and its people. 




Katie MacKenzie

Project Coordinator, Conservation and Communities

Katie is South African, but has lived in Venezuela, Chile, Australia, and the UK. She has worked alongside NGOs and businesses aiming to incorporate different stakeholders within the field of conservation, has experience in scientific research and analysis, and is a qualified Southern African field guide. Katie's professional journey to date has included completing internships in both investment banking firms and financial public relations.

Katie holds a MSc in Conservation Science and Policy from the University of Exeter, as well as a double degree in Economics and International Politics from the University of Melbourne. Her goal is to create financially sustainable conservation projects that benefit people and wildlife alike and complements the Jamma team with a range of skills and experience in this field. 




Agneta Johansson

Director, Wellbeing

Agneta is a Swedish citizen who has lived in the UK since 1986.

Her passion is to design Life Skills programmes to build capacity and resilience in both organisations and individuals.

Agneta believes that some basic knowledge about how the human brain works is key for empowering and enabling people to improve their mental wellbeing.  It is essential to develop partnerships and build networks of like-minded people to work together to share knowledge and experiences. 

From her professional and personal experience and through her extensive travel in rural parts of Southern Africa Agneta has come to understand that people in the global south and global north are by and large faced with the same wellbeing issues. 



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Lesley Fripp

Office Manager

Lesley has 20 years' experience in the Voluntary Sector from large national organisations to small local support charities and is an integral part of the team at Jamma International.

Lesley’s focus is on core support in the organisation, developing and maintaining finance and administration systems that allow the organisation to grow and develop, making the best use of technology.  She advises on Governance and supporting Trustees and Directors to guide the organisation to fulfil its aims and objectives.

Project Coordinator, Wellbeing

Lesley is the project co-ordinator for all the wellbeing projects at Jamma International.   Lesley has worked in organisations where the focus has been on enabling people to live the life they want.  From young people with a serous life limiting illness having an opportunity to experience fun and friendship to people with disabilities having a voice and choosing how to manage their own lives and influencing the way  people view disabilities.

Lesley is passionate about people having a choice and having access to information to make informed choices that have a positive impact on their wellbeing and their lives.