IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group


Formed in 2012, the IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) stands as a global volunteer network established by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It's a joint venture with the Species Survival Commission (SSC) and the Commission on Environmental, Economic, and Social Policy (CEESP).




The IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) brings together expertise from the realms of science, policy, and practice. SULi's mission is to confront the pressing challenges posed by the overexploitation of wild species while fostering equitable and resilient models of sustainable use that align with human needs and priorities.


Since its formation in 2012, SULi has garnered widespread recognition for its authoritative contributions to critical conservation matters. With a focus on addressing contentious issues such as illegal wildlife trade and hunting, SULi has established itself as an influential and credible voice within the global conservation community.

For nature, for people: building global understanding on sustainable use of wildlife.

SULi's mission acknowledges that the attainment of sustainable use, intricately linked to the wellbeing of local communities, demands insights that extend beyond the conventional boundaries of conservation biology. This encompasses domains such as governance, social sciences, economics, and political ecology. In recognition of this multidimensional perspective, SULi forges connections among an exceptionally diverse spectrum of technical knowledge, spanning these areas and bridging the gaps between science, policy, and practical implementation.

By collaborating with partners at all levels, SULi ensures a comprehensive approach to sustainable use. Drawing upon a wealth of expertise, SULi fosters a holistic understanding of the complex interactions that shape the delicate balance between human needs and ecological preservation.

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The Wellness Society

Jamma International is partnering with WWF to support the development of the Siana and Oloisukut Conservancies, located on the north-eastern boundary of the Maasai Mara Reserve.

Our work ensures that the conservancy not only secures a vital wildlife corridor for the migration of elephants and wildebeest, but also acts as a catalyst for local sustainable development, and positively influences the lives of Siana residents.

Siana and Oloisukut Conservancies, Kenya


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