Sustainably protecting Africa’s vast wild parks is something that we at Jamma take very seriously. RETURNAfrica partners with local communities to develop, market and manage high quality visitor and safari experiences at iconic destinations in Southern Africa.




Parfuri, at the far north of the Kruger National Park, is one of Africa’s most spectacular landscapes, where wildlife including elephant, buffalo, big cats and birds roam free across a transfrontier park that spans three countries.

Jamma International is proud to support this project, which is founded on RETURNAfrica’s unique partnership and friendship with the Makuleke people, who are the landlords, business partners and guides of this unique location. RETURNAfrica partners with the African Safari Foundation, an independently-managed not-for-profit, to build partnerships that return benefits to the land and all it sustains.

Partnerships that return benefits to the land and all it sustains.

RETURNAfrica works in partnership with local communities to create meaningful and sustainable benefits. They provide employment, training and skills development for the community and make direct financial contributions to projects which provide opportunities for community members, or respond to a range of pressing needs. Locally-sourced products, eco-friendly amenities and skills development all play their part in nurturing the environment and improving lives. RETURNAfrica’s projects are carefully selected and responsibly governed. Offering unique visitor experiences, RETURNAfrica’s ethos focuses on making local partnerships work for conservation and development.

RETURNAfrica is a safari lodge operator engaging local communities and communal land-dwellers to commercialise rights held by them, and thereby securing the success of local conservation initiatives.

“When you reach the edge of the map and settle into this peaceful corner of Africa, it’s good to know that you are supporting a sustainable form of tourism, one that shows humans and wildlife can share the wilderness, for the benefit of both.” - RETURNAfrica

Transformational Business Network (TBN) works with driven entrepreneurs and investors seeking to create long-term, meaningful impact within their communities across East Africa.

By shifting the development mindset from aid to enterprise, TBN has been able to create over 1,500 jobs and unlock more than £55 million in investment finance.

Transformational Business Network

Jamma is supporting the London Interdisciplinary School to build the UK’s most progressive new university, with a modern education approach designed to train minds to tackle the world’s most complex problems and make real impact.

The London Interdisciplinary School launches in 2021 and is supported by some of the UK’s top intellectuals, industry experts, government and corporations who clearly see the need for this type of further education in our society.

London Interdisciplinary School


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