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The Beneath the Baobab Podcast returns, this time exploring the issue of human-wildlife conflict. Currently, Gordon Buchanan, Katie Mackenzie and Olly Pemberton who will be filming and directing this season's podcast are busy getting ready to travel to remote areas of Southern Africa, to speak with the communities living alongside wildlife.

The success of Season 1 of Beneath the Baobab in 2021 led to a scale up of this year’s Season 2. Our ten episodes will take place in seven countries and be filmed, as well as recorded. The theme of Beneath the Baobab Season 2 is Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC), where we will be exploring the real-life costs of communities living with wildlife and the innovative solutions to mitigate these costs.   

As they embark on this journey, we'll be sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses and captivating stories on our social media channels. Stay connected with us as we work to produce this insightful podcast, providing a unique perspective on the intricate dynamics of human and wildlife coexistence.

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Jamma International is recruiting for an exciting new role of a legal assistant intern based in Cape Town. If you possess a profound passion for conservation, indigenous rights, and legal research, we invite you to join our dedicated team. By taking on this role, you will play a vital part in supporting our ongoing projects and contributing to our impactful initiatives.

Jamma Legal Assistant Internship: Closed for Application

Jamma International presents the video of Dr. Moreangels Mbizah’s conservation journey created as part of Resource Africa’s ‘Let Africans Decide’ series.
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Dr. Moreangels Mbizah’s Conservation Journey

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