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We’re back! The Beneath the Baobab Podcast and host, Gordon Buchanan, return to explore the issue of human wildlife conflict. In this second season of the conservation and communities podcast, we will be travelling around southern Africa to meet the communities living alongside wildlife.

For the past 30 years Gordon has immersed himself in the world of documentary filmmaking, capturing narratives of the natural world, wildlife, and the intricate relationships between humans and wild animals. In an era of rapid environmental change, our interactions with certain species have become increasingly complex. Factors such as population growth, habitat loss, climate fluctuations, and policy shifts have led to a convergence of human and wildlife territories, often resulting in profound conflicts.

From simple fear to the devastation of crops and livestock, these conflicts pose not only a threat to livelihoods but also to human lives. However, amidst the turmoil, there exist stories of resilience and remarkable connections with wildlife that transcend the strife. Join us to meet the communities, the families, and the people at the very heart of the matter as we discuss the coexistence challenge Beneath the Baobab.

In our first episode, we journey to the western border of Kruger National Park, a region teeming with biodiversity and home to both iconic wildlife and resilient communities. We'll hear first hand accounts from these communities who are battling to safeguard their livelihoods.


Our debut episode premiered on March 7th, and subsequent episodes will be released every other week until the season finale. The audio of this series can be found by searching 'Jamma International' on Spotify, or your preferred podcast platform. You can also watch the Full video on YouTube! Each episode will be released.

The London Interdisciplinary School continues to be more relevant than ever, with it’s agile and resilient structure helping to adapt to Covid-19.
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The London Interdiscplinary School’s 2020 Summary

Lesle Jansen spoke at the 16th session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP) in Geneva, advocating for the indigenous people’s fundamental rights to practice their traditional occupations and pursue sustainable use of their resources.

Lesle represents Jamma at the United Nations of Geneva

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