Mental Health
Awareness Week

Our Brain Smart training, led by former prisoners, empowers individuals by teaching them how the brain works and how to turn negative situations into positive ones through practice and understanding. The impact has been incredible! With overwhelming positive feedback and fantastic engagement in prisons, we're excited to announce that over 150 Mental Health Ambassadors have joined our cause through this training. Together, we're changing lives and making a difference!

News & Insights

This week is 2023's Mental Health Awareness Week, with anxiety as the theme. One of our incredible projects is our partnership with Unlock My Life, which was launched in 2022. Together, we have been working hard to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health in prisons across the UK and ensure access to vital support.

At Jamma, we are deeply dedicated to empowering individuals and communities, and that includes fostering a culture of mental health care. Our commitment to this cause has given us invaluable insights into the significance of recognising and addressing mental health challenges.

Jamma International is proud to work with the Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation (ZRDF) on exciting sustainable agriculture projects around Mkushi, Zambia. During the Central Province Agricultural and Commercial Show in Mkushi, Zambia, ZRDF won first place in the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) category.
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ZRDF Scoops First Position

Jamma International is recruiting for an exciting new role of Communications Intern. This role will undertake the development of Jamma International’s communications and social media strategy.
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Jamma Communications Internship: Open for Application

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