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By Jamma International's office, we are delighted to have some irresistibly cute fox cubs that have captured the hearts and attention of our dedicated employees.

These playful little creatures bring a delightful energy to our surroundings, reminding us of the beauty and wonder of the natural world we strive to protect.

Their presence serves as a daily reminder of our shared commitment to wildlife conservation and inspires us to continue our efforts with passion and dedication.

It’s World Female Ranger Week! This global initiative celebrates the incredible work of female rangers in protecting wildlife and empowering communities. Let’s champion gender equality in conservation and support the vital role of women in safeguarding our natural environment.

World Female Ranger Week

Jamma International is recruiting for an exciting new role of Communications Intern. This role will undertake the development of Jamma International’s communications and social media strategy.
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Jamma Communications Internship: Closed for Application

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