World female Ranger Week

Less than 11% of the world's rangers are women! This week, we celebrate the incredible female rangers who are breaking barriers and making a difference. They are role models, champions of wildlife, and educators. Female rangers prove that gender is no obstacle to success in this traditionally male profession.

Our partner’s Elephants Alive work in collaboration with The Black Mambas who are an all-female anti-poaching unit currently operating in Southern Africa. These incredible women are at the front line of protecting wildlife as well as community engagement.

Join us in recognising their invaluable contributions and promoting gender equality in conservation. Let's inspire a new generation of fearless protectors of our planet. Discover more about the remarkable stories and achievements of these resilient women by visiting the official website World Female Ranger Week – June 23-30 – Celebrating Female Rangers Globally 

Jamma International is proud to work with the Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation (ZRDF) on exciting sustainable agriculture projects around Mkushi, Zambia. During the Central Province Agricultural and Commercial Show in Mkushi, Zambia, ZRDF won first place in the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) category.
Press Release

ZRDF Scoops First Position

Lesle Jansen spoke at the 16th session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP) in Geneva, advocating for the indigenous people’s fundamental rights to practice their traditional occupations and pursue sustainable use of their resources.

Lesle represents Jamma at the United Nations of Geneva

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