Khomani San School Receives Certification


Khomani San School
Receives Certificate


Khomani San School Receive Certification

We're excited to announce some incredible news. The school has reached a significant milestone by obtaining official government certification as an independent educational institution. This achievement marks a huge stride forward for the Khomani San community.

The Khomani San are one of the last remaining groups of the indigenous San people of South Africa, and the Khomani San school is a project that holds a special place in Jamma's heart. This Indigenous-led school boasts a curriculum deeply inspired by its roots, showcasing the rich heritage of the Khomani San people. The children at the school are not only learning subjects, but also their ancestral indigenous language, providing them with life skills and cultural dignity.

We are proud to be part of this journey, supporting the community in their quest for educational opportunities and fostering a brighter future for their children.

“We aim to provide an accessible, culturally sensitive primary school education to the Khomani San children. By integrating an up to date curriculum with traditional knowledge, we help to uplift the community by empowering future generations.” - Claire Barry, Khomani San School Programme

This years theme is anxiety. Anxiety is a common mental health challenge affecting countless individuals. It can manifest in various ways, from persistent worry and excessive fear to physical symptoms like racing heart and shortness of breath. At Jamma we believe it is essential to recognise that anxiety is not a weakness or something that can be easily brushed off. By raising awareness about anxiety, we can help reduce stigma and create a supportive environment where those affected feel comfortable seeking help and support.
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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

We are excited to announce that Agneta, director of Mental Wellbeing at Jamma has published her first book, ‘Brain Smart’!

‘Brain Smart’ Book Now Out!